DropMe Transport is one of the leading transport companies in Sri Lanka. Now we have covered all islands by providing 24 hours quick services. We provide our service all around Sri Lanka with over 10000 vehicles. We are specialized in providing transport services to our customers at affordable prices.  DropMe Transport service offers a well maintained and safe fleet of vehicles from Luxury Cars, Budget Cars, Vans, Busses, Lorries for all your transport needs. Our responsibility is to ensure that you receive a comfortable, safe and friendly ride to your destinations. We ensure that we provide good service to our customers and we appreciate the feedback from our customers.

Save time and money while you travel. You can cut down on your journey expenses by availing yourself of the cheap deal. There will be no need for you to adjust and compromise your time and comfort, which is often the case with travelling by public transport. Our taxis provide a quick journey taking you from A to B as per your booking need. We pick you at your doorstep and drop you at your desired destination.

Call us right away and the best taxi services in your area will be on their way! This means we can make sure you have a ride available exactly when you need it, giving you peace of mind knowing your transportation is taken care of. Whether that means assisting you into our cars or arriving on time after your travel to assist you throughout your return home, our cab companies are more than just transportation.