Sri Lankan Ayurveda Spa & Resort defines wellness as more than just rest and treatments alone. For your health and well-being the cottages of the have been designed using Neem wood, a wood which is very well known for its Ayurveda properties which compliments the authentic Sri Lanka Ayurveda treatments offered.

Spa Retreats for Ayurveda treatment tours. Boutique Hotels, luxury spa retreats on the beach and in rural settings can be a part of your Sri Lanka holiday. In Ayurveda, a mixture of plants, food, massage, hydrotherapy, and oil massage is used to cure anything from depression to diabetes, migraine, asthma, inflammation, and hypertension. Sri Lanka is home to various indigenous herbal plants which relieve the stress and illnesses surrounding your physical and mental health. Simple foods, together with body distillation helps you balance the chakras of your body helping heal your body from within.