The summer kitesurfing seasons last from May to October, whereas the winter season is from mid – December to March. Trending kitesurfing spots are the Kalpitiya lagoon, Donkey Spot, Vella Island, Kappaladi Lagoon and Puttalam.

Kalpitiya is definitely the best place to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and one of the best destinations in the world for this sport. The village of Kalpitiya is located on the North-west peninsular of Sri Lanka, on the shores of the Indian Ocean, with strong winds during the months from May to October (Summer season) and from December to March (Winter season).Kalpitiya Lagoon is ideal for beginners and freestyle enthusiasts, as the water is shallow and flat.  A small strip of beach separates the lagoon from the Indian Ocean making Kalpitiya Lagoon the best choice to kite between the waves with endless winds and sublime landscapes, and swiftly sweeping over the lagoon perfecting tricks, or learning new skills in a safe environment of flat, shallow water, taking advantage of both seasons’ excellent wind conditions that Sri Lanka has to offer.