Diving in Unawatuna is a famous activity to do to discover the true beauty that exists in the southern seas in Sri Lanka. Unawatuna bay is recognized as one of the best spots for diving in Sri Lanka.

A sea is simply an astounding place. It is so wide as it covers nearly 71% of the Earth surface. Just as space, the deep sea is a wider place that has so many things lying on the sea bed. It is nearly impossible to explore the whole ocean in one lifetime.  If you are a fan of adventure times, exploring deep under the sea is a great activity you must not miss.

Unawatuna is lined with palm trees and is reputedly one of the best beaches in the world. Exploring the seas near Unawatuna is the most exciting activity you must try out when you visit Unawatuna. One can explore the blue waters with Snorkelling, Surfing and Diving, etc.

Diving is another cool water activity that involves swimming or exploring underwater in Unawatuna.  There are lots of health benefits one can gain with diving activity. The health benefits include full body workout, lower blood pressure, improve fitness levels, stress relief and strong interaction with marine life.

Unlike snorkelling, diving is not as simple as snorkelling. For diving, one needs to equip more items than snorkelling. One needs to be super fit to become a great diver. It is not considered as an accessible sports activity to an average person. You will also need to undergo some extensive training before diving under the sea.

With diving, you can explore a wider part of the sea than snorkelling. One can go deep into the shipwrecks, explore more varieties of tropical fish in the far side of the ocean. You can check out what lies deep under the seas near South Sri Lanka while diving in Unawatuna.