Day 1 - Negambo / Chilaw

Welcome to Sri Lanka. On this day of your 11 days Sri Lanka tour, you shall start exploring its marvels. Upon your arrival at Bandaranaike International Airport, an agent’s representative will greet you and guide you towards a luxury chauffeur-driven vehicle that will take you around the country.

After breakfast stat to joinery to the Munneswara Temple in Chilaw.

Munneswaram temple is an important regional Hindu temple complex in Sri Lanka. It has been in existence at least since 1000 CE, although myths surrounding the temple associate it with the popular Indian epic Ramayana, and its legendary hero-king Rama. The temple is one of five ancient temples dedicated to Shiva in the region.

The temple is located in Munneswaram, a village with mixed Sinhala and Tamil population situated in the Puttalam District of Sri Lanka.The presiding deity Siva is installed in the form of Lingam in the sanctum sanctorum. The Siva temple’s architectural details conform to what is written down in the Hindu scriptures known as agamas.. The Siva temple faces east and has three pathways around it. A sacred pond is situated in front of the Siva temple and a Bo Tree stands by the side of it. The main sanctum and the structure above the sanctum are one of the largest in Sri Lanka.

Overnight stay at Chilaw.

Day 2 - Sigiriya

The next morning you leave for Chilaw to Sigiriya. Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress and palace built by King Kashyapa during the reign of 473 – 495 which is standing majestically 660 feet straight up. It is located in the northern Matale district near the town of Dambulla in central province of Sri Lanka. sigiriya is one of the most valuable historical monuments of Sri Lanka. Referred by locals as the Eighth Wonder of the World this ancient palace and fortress complex has significant archaeological importance and attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is probably the most visited tourist destination of Sri Lanka. One of the most striking features of Sigiriya is its Mirror wall.Today Sigiriya rock fortress is one of the most famous Archeological Treasure and UNESCO named Sigiriya rock as a World Heritage in 1982 under the name “Ancient City of Sigiriya Sri Lanka”. Overnight stay at Sigiriya

Day 3 - Ritigala

The next morning you leave for Sigiriya to Ritigala. you will depart to Ritigala Sanjeevani Mountain (Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve). Ritigala Mountain is a designated Strict Nature in Sri Lanka having an area of 3,776 acres. Ritigala has significances from archaeological, historical, cultural, botanical and zoological aspects.

Simply Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve is located in the dry zone of the island, Ritigala is one of the few high altitude forests, encompassing an area of 1,528.1 hectares and was declared a Strict Natural Reserve in 1941. Since it is home to species which are rare and possibly extinct from the region, and also because its isolation provides ideal conditions for the evolution of species, the conservation of such ecosystem is extremely important.

Overnight stay at Ritigala.

Day 4 - Polonnaruwa

After breakfast, you will depart to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Polonnaruwa.

Sri Lanka’s second most ancient kingdom, Polonnaruwa, became the capital of Sri Lanka following the destruction of Anuradhapura in 993 AD. Built by King Parakramabahu I, this urban green city has seen numerous civilisations journeying through this kingdom including the Cholas, South Indian Hindu and Buddhist Sinhalese, between the 12th and 13th centuries.Brimming with archeologically treasures, the city is dotted with temples, shrines, palaces and ruins. Explore the royal palace from the period of King Parakramabahu I (1153 – 1186). Once a massive structure with 50 rooms, today impressive walls still stand strong.

 Lion sculptures guard the stairs to the king’s audience hall, where intricately carved stone elephants line the walls and the king’s swimming pool with large crocodile mouth statues spout fresh water. Built of stone, Shiva Devale No.2, the oldest Hindu temple in Polonnaruwa is tucked away in a small forest clearing.

An impressive collection of ruins forms the sacred quadrangle and in the middle is the vatadage with four entrances leading to the place where the Sacred Tooth Relic was once housed. Explore the large stupa Rankot Vihara and the monks’ quarters. A tribute built to the king’s queen, Dagaba Kiri Vihara is a perfectly preserved dagaba, lovingly repainted by devotees prior to the Vesak Poya every year Marvel at the massive 17m (55ft) Buddha statue at Lankatilaka and end your explorations in front of four Buddha figures at Gal Vihara, cut from one slab of granite.

Overnight stay at Polonnaruwa.

Day 5 - Dambulla

Today you will drive towards  to visit the Dambulla cave temples en route.The Buddhist temple complex of Dambulla consists of five cave temples carved under a very large overhanging rock. The temples were carved out over several centuries, but the oldest dates back to the 1st century B.C.E. The temples include numerous carved statues of Buddha, and his faithful disciple Ananda, as well as Hindu deities.

The vast internal spaces of the cave shrines are not compartmentalized, but are spatially differentiated by a deliberate and subtle arrangement of polychrome sculpture of exceptional craftsmanship and decorated with brilliant compositions of mural paintings.

Overnight stay at Dambulla.

Day 6 - Kandy

Today You will arrive in Kandy. The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is a world-renowned place of worship, where the left Canine tooth of Gautama Buddha is enshrined. The temple which is venerated by thousands of local & foreign devotees and tourists daily was named as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1988.

The temple which carries a lot of value to Buddhists all over the world also has immense cultural value. The architecture is of unique Kandyan architectural style with a combination of the unique style used to build “Dalada Mandira” the shrines which housed the Sacred Tooth Relic previously in other kingdoms.

The temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is built in the city of Kandy near the ancient Royal Palace which is situated to the North of the temple and the forest reserve called “Udawaththa Kelaya” to the East. The famous Kandy Lake also known as “Kiri Muhuda” to the South and “Natha & Paththini Devala” on the West. The temple is adorned with intricate carvings using gold, silver, bronze and ivory.

Overnight stay at hotel in Kandy.

Day 7 - Nuwara Eliya

Enjoy a delectable breakfast and gear up for an enchanting city tour. Your first stop for the day is the Horton Plains National Park, in the shadows of Sri Lanka’s second and third highest mountain ranges.

A paradise for nature lovers, hikers and birds watching.  The most gorgeous place is the Worlds End, where the southern Horton Plains suddenly ends, and drops off to nearly 1050metres, an awesome sight indeed. It is 9.5Km walking with warm jackets. In the evening you can walk Single Tree Mountain” At this vantage point one could enjoy the panoramic view of Pidurutalagala Mountain range, Haggala Mountain, Lake Gregory, and the entire town of Nuwara Eliya as well as Northern section of Horton Plains.

After you will visit Sri Bhaktha Hanuman Temple in Nuwara Eliya.Sri Bhakta Hanuman Temple is one of the important Hanuman Temples in Sri Lanka located on summit of the very beautiful picturesque mountain in Ramboda 30 KM north to Nuwara Eliya, the gateway to the tea country hill station of Sri Lanka. This Hanuman Temple in Ramboda was constructed by Chinmaya Mission of Sri Lanka. Shri Bhakta Hanuman temple is dedicated to the God Hanuman and this is one of important sites of Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka. Visitors can witness the 18 feet Hanuman statue which is the tallest Hanuman statue in Sri Lanka established inside the Shri Bhakta Hanuman Temple in Ramboda.

Proceed to visit Baker’s fall, Tea Plantations, Strawberry Farm, and Ambewela Milk Farm. Come back to the hotel for a peaceful nights sleep.

Overnight stay at Nuwara Eliya.

Day 8 - Ella

Today you will drive towards Ella. A trip to Ella wouldn`t be complete without a visit to the iconic Nine Arches Bridge.One of the highlights in the mountain village Ella is the 30-meter high Demodara Nine Arch Bridge. With a small 30-minute walk through the jungle, you will reach a piece of beautiful architecture that is hidden between lush green tea fields. It is allowed to walk on the bridge and it’s one of the things you must do in Sri Lanka.

After you will visit Rawana Waterfall. Rawana Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in our country. It belongs to the Ella area. Rawana Falls has got a very high tourist attraction as you can see.

After Lunch You will visit Liptons Seat.It is a beautiful tourist attraction that offers awe-inspiring views of the surrounding tea fields. This place is perfect to witness the best of sunrise and sunset.

Overnight stay at Ella.

Day 9 - Kataragama

The next morning you leave for Ella to Kataragama. An ancient city revered by several religions With references in the ancient Sri Lankan chronicle of the Mahavamsa, the town of Kataragama holds a wealth of history. Beyond its repute as an ancient capital for rulers of the Ruhuna kingdom, Kataragama also served as a place of refuge for northern kings who fled from South Indian invasions of their lands. More importantly however, the town is revered for the Kataragama Deviyo, or God of Kataragama – a deity worshipped across multiple faiths. For Buddhists, the Kiri Vehera dagoba is situated on the site where the Lord Buddha once visited, while a Bo tree grown from a sapling of the Sri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura is also found on the grounds of the famed Kataragama Temple. Here, Hindus worship the resident deity as Katirkamam – the God of War, also known as Murugan. Additionally, the indigenous Veddas of Sri Lanka have also long venerated the God of Kataragama as a guardian deity of the island.

 The journey takes you into the neighbouring Uva Province at the foot of Sri Lanka’s central highlands. Kataragama sits at the provincial border, on the edge of Yala National Park’s northwestern entrance, with long roads lined with shady trees that lead pilgrims and travellers alike to the many religious attractions in the area.

Overnight stay at hotel in Kataragama.

Day - 10 Mirijjawila

Next you will come across, Mirijjawila. The Mirijjawila Botanical Gardens is one of the five dedicated botanical gardens in the island and was only opened in 2013. The botanical gardens’ purpose was to maintain the biodiversity of the area, while also providing a kaleidoscopic natural backdrop in an otherwise fast developing city. Although new, the gardens are known to possess a myriad species of plants, ranging from flowers, shrubs, and trees. Many of these species are considered to be rare, and endemic to the island. Thus, making it an important biodiversity hotspot.

In addition to its unique floral species, there are quite a few faunae that take refuge in the greenery such as birds and many other little creatures. The gardens sprawled over 300 acres of lush green lands is an idyllic place to witness some different sceneries of the port town of Hambantota. One such interesting scenery is the sunset, as the sun’s rays, along with the chirping of the birds and the blossom of the flowers make the area all the more special. While you are exploring the gardens, make sure you learn about Ayurveda medicinal plants, as it is possible to witness how these plants are cultivated and eventually prepared as medicine.

Overnight stay at hotel in Mirijjawila

Day 11 - Mirissa

After Breakfast you will visit Mirissa. Mirissa is one of the most popular beach destinations in southern Sri Lanka, and for a good reason! The area has it all, beautiful Sri Lankan beaches, great waves for surfing, and waters teeming with marine life, from turtles to big blue whales. Spend your days enjoying fresh coconuts in your hammock, eating delicious food from beachside restaurants, and zooming around by motorbike. Four days is the perfect amount of time to absorb the laidback culture of this sunny beach town, enjoying all the top things to do in Mirissa.

Another one of the amazing places to visit in Mirissa is to climb up the Parrot Rock. This small and easily accessible rock will give you a stunning view of the Mirissa area. This is a place which will take your mind away from work and stress.It is a very quiet place where you can relax watching surfers in the high tides of water. You can also chill out in the nearby restaurants of this place.

Overnight stay at Mirissa.

Day 12 - Galle

Today you will drive towards Galle.First you will visit Galle fort. The Galle Dutch Fort happens to be one of the treasured historical monuments of Srilanka located on the southern coast of the country. The fort was constructed by the Portuguese in the course of their reign in Srilanka and was later renovated by the Dutch. The fort is one of the most The fort displays an amazing amalgamation of age-old architecture and antiquity in the middle of astounding natural beauty.You will come across a number of lively shops, cafes, exhibition halls, lifestyle stores, and villas, which adds to the beauty of the place. It would be just amazing to move by the walls witnessing the intricate artworks and sheer craftsmanship.

Then next you will visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda. Located a few kilometres from the city of Galle, the Japanese Peace Pagoda is a unique shrine that guarantees peace and solitude to anyone who visits. Built by the Japanese Nipponzan-Myōhōji order in 2005, it was made as a symbol to promote peace in the island. A short hike to the summit of the Rumassala Hill and you’ll find yourself in awe of the pristine pagoda. Enjoy the unhindered and stunning views of the coast and the bustling town of Galle when you reach the top.Perched on Rumassala Hill, visit the peace pagoda before enjoying a refreshing swim in Jungle Beach on your way down.

Proceed to visit Galle lighthouse, Mahamodara sea turtle hatchery centre, Still Fishing,etc Come back to the hotel for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Overnight stay at Galle.

Day 13 - Hikkaduwa

Next you will visit Hikkaduwa.Famous for its long sandy beach, west-coast Hikkaduwa also boasts good waves for surfers, reefs for snorkelers and divers, plus sand-side hotels, restaurants, and bars. Add an island temple, tsunami museum, and turtle sanctuary, and you have one of Sri Lanka’s best beach-holiday haunts.

You can see here sea turtles. Right from the shore in town, you can easily spot many sea turtles just hanging out in the water. They aren’t scared of people and often swim right up to you.There is one particular spot that always seems to have turtles in Hikkaduwa.

Also you can see  Coral Reef .Plunge into nature’s spellbinding creativity at the Hikkaduwa Coral Reef Sanctuary; Sri Lanka’s first Marine National Park. Snorkel amidst vibrant corals, swim with turtles, luminescent fish, and reef sharks or simply observe the beauty through glass-bottomed boats.

Overnight stay at Hikkaduwa

Day 14 - Benthota

Early next morning, you will depart to Benthota. The Bentota Turtle Hatchery Project is a popular attraction in Bentota for all travellers. The pristine golden shores that draws you to our island, also provides an enticing nesting ground for several endangered turtle species from the Olive Ridley to the Leatherback turtle. The project aims at conserving and protecting the eggs from predators and other dangers. Visit the turtle hatchery in Bentota to learn about these endangered graceful creatures of the sea.

Aftre you willa visit the Bentota sea and Beach and City Tour. There you can see Seek blessings at Buddhist temple, famous for preserved & sacred preserved Buddha’s tooth,Cruise along the rivers of Madu surrounded by mangrove trees & discover more than one hundred eleven species of birds in their natural habitat,Explore the city of Bentota, a destination squeezed into verdant rainforests, misty hills amid fertile tea plantations and dazzling beaches,Enjoy the tropical goodness of nature by walking among the massive collection of colorful orchids in Botanical Gardens,Cherish the spiritual tour of Lunuganga Estate, an epitome of architectural brilliance reflecting and fusion of Indian, Chinese, and Thai, designs.

Overnight stay at Bentota

Day 15 - Benthota / Negambo

After a delicious breakfast in the hotel, complete the check-out formalities. Proceed for your transfer to the airport as your 11 days in Sri Lanka tour package comes to an end.

Bid goodbye to Sri Lanka as your mesmerizing journey comes to an end.